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"What do you do when your ear does not feel right?

Please accept my 5 starred grateful thanks to Nick Barber. Nick set me at ease by his professional manner throughout. He get's straight to the point and knows what he is doing but will also explain it to you, which is good. The other thing I found was he is understanding if you just want to totally relax/even go to sleep while the work is being done. Would totally recommend his treatment ~ you are in SAFE and gentle hands!

My ear is back to normal today, my head feels great, I for once had a night's sleep and I feel wonderfully relaxed.

Well done Nicholas. Thank you for your patience ~ helping me heal."

"I have been treated by Emma Bryant at School House Osteopathy Clinic for many years. During this time she has successfully treated me for bad hayfever symptoms, several sinus infections and ear infections, as well as on-going treatments for body alignment following a bad riding accident. I can honestly say that without these treatments I would not be able to take part in as many activities as I do - such as Yoga, pilates, gym, ski-ing and walking." A. MacGregor Herts

"Following an extremely painful twist to my knee, the School House Osteopathy Clinic treated me over several weeks, so that I would be able to ski. Due to their knowledge and hard work I am now fit and ready to ski." D. Noone, Essex

"I was treated as a young child at the School House Osteopathy Clinic for mild asthma.
I think the treatments helped me because I did not need to use my inhaler as much as before I was treated. Since then they have successfully treated me for several sports injuries such as sprained tendons and muscles in my legs, back and neck."
R. MacGregor, Essex

The headaches seemed to come out of the blue. I did my best to live with them for several weeks but eventually and reluctantly, turned to conventional medicine, for want of a better term. Many months and a number of prescriptions later there was no obvious improvement. Two friends recommended a cranial osteopath. By now my daily muscle contraction headaches (tension headaches in other words) were blighting my life, disrupting my sleep, effecting my moods and causing other symptoms. I felt dejected and desperate.

Emma gave me direction and above all, hope. I had already begun to try and help myself with relaxation and stretching exercises to reduce my increasing anxiety. Emma's assessment and guidance confirmed my self-diagnosis and I found her advice so encouraging that I began to feel optimistic about the future.

I realise there is no quick fix and I must remain disciplined in following this regime, but I know it will be worth all the effort.

I am so grateful to Emma and count myself lucky to have found her.
Susan Sampson, Mid-Essex Hospital

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