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therapies in the news Posted on 10th June 2014

This is my first blog and I have chosen (possibly foolishly), a highly emotive and inexhaustible subject.  A very wise colleague brought my attention to an article in The Mail on Sunday about cancer, and the use of alternative and conventional therapies.

There is so much I could write about. Some of it would be opinion,  some anecdotal, and some about my own experience treating critically ill children and adults. After much writing and rewriting I decided to keep it very short.

While I personally didn’t find anything particularly informative or unexpected about this article, Dr Graze’s comment at the end,-”Anything which doesn’t harm a child, and has the potential to make them or their families feel better is good.” – summed up what is ultimately important.

After all it is the way “we feel” that dictates our quality of life , and this is different for every individual. So when making an informed choice about what therapies to use,  maybe we need to  consider that quality is equally as important as quantity , and for some, more so. Although, frankly, I’d like both!