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midwifery led birthing unit, -WJC in Braintree Posted on 23rd June 2014

I was fortunate enough to be invited to an open day at  WJC  birthing unit in Braintree  on saturday 21 june.I was invited as the  ”cranial osteopath.”

Although it was potentially a good platform for promotion, I don’t have  an eye catching banner, posters or leaflets, so I went along to see what it was like and offer advice if anyone needed or wanted it.

I met some wonderful, knowledgeable, and passionate people.  Amongst them, midwives who “know ” how best to support women in labour. Their instinct is  not to try and control labour as so often happens in hospitals, but to allow women to labour in an environment of safety,  warmth, and kindness.

This is not a criticism of midwives who work in hospitals. They do an incredible job in  often very difficult circumstances.

Labour is an  extraordinary process involving  a cocktail of hormones,  and it is  a process that can not be rushed. The emotions and hormones of a labouring woman are essential to how her body responds, and consequently how her labour progresses. Therefore the environment, and those in attendance can, and almost definitely will effect  the woman’s labour.

There are many excellent, and informative books on this subject, most of which I have not read. Out of the books that I have, those that are written by Michel Odent stand out, e.g. “Birth Reborn.”

Knowledge , both new and old, kindness and non interference( unless it’s an emergency ), is what labouring women need.

Hypnobirthing is a great way for women to prepare their mind and bodies for labour. I have included the following links to some hypnobirthing ladies.




I have only included the hypnobirthing ladies who were there on  saturday, I know that there are lots more.  Doula sites are a good place to look also.

I want to thank everyone I met, and the manager of WJC for doing a great job.